Our Partners


high-tech textile industry

For the textile, leather, automotive, and chemical industries, ATAC is a prominent company in the manufacturing and selling of laboratory equipment’s, small-batch production equipment, and testing equipment’s.

  • Laboratory Machines
  • Bobbin & Fabric Dyeing Machines
  • Continuous Machines
  • Coating Machines
  • Printing Machines


Dyeing and Finishing Machines

Award-winning dyeing equipment from Beneks is of the highest quality and offers productivity. They manufacture a complete array of cutting-edge dyeing and finishing machinery.

  • HT Jet Dyeing
  • Predryers
  • Rope Opening, Slitting & Squeezing Machines
  • Ballon Squeezing Machines
  • Dry & Wet Fabric Reversing Machines
  • Collar Squeezing Machines


Textile Auxiliaries for Knits, Towel, Woven & Denim

Broadtex is a technical oriented company committed to development, production and application of textile enzyme, garment washing & dyeing auxiliaries. We distribute environment friendly and unique blends of chemical and have becoming industry standard, worldwide. We have all compliance certification.

Our core Products:

  • Biopolish Enzyme
  • Peroxide Killer
  • Desizer
  • Denim Washing

Color Services

Printing & Photo Lab

Color Service is an Italian leading company in the production of automatic dosing systems for textile, rubber, tire, cosmetics and food industry.
Our dosing system is designed to solve problems that manual weighing phase involves, guaranteeing a fast and accurate weighing for any form of powder and liquids. Our modern automatic dosing system is extremely fast, reliable, accurate and green and ensure customer to have end products with high quality and with a better uniformity.

  • Automatic dyestuff weighing machine
  • Automatic dyestuff dissolving and automatic delivery to the dyeing machines
  • Automatic dosing of powder auxiliaries for textile
  • Full automatic laboratory machine for discontinuous dyeing machines
  • Full automatic laboratory machine for continuous dyeing machine
  • Multipipe distribution of dissolved recipes to dyeing machines
  • Automatic dosing system for the dosing, bagging and unbagging of rubber compounds and additives
  • Dosing head through gravity method for the dispensing of additives in rubber and tire industry


Textile Dyehouse

Çağrı Makina has been producing textile washing machines, stone washing machines, drying machines, hydro extractors machines, ozone generators and tumblers, part dyeing machines and dry process machines which is using in denim industry under the DEWELLI brandname. Beside this machines production, Çağrı Makina sell textile chemicals and accessories.

  • Textile washing machines
  • Centrifugal washing machines.
  • Drying machines.


Dryer Specialist

Entema has developed high capacity, efficient and energy saving machines which achieve high quality results of increased fabric properties as swelling, softening, minimum shrink ability. As a result the company achieved its well-deserved place in the field in short time.

  • Relax dryers.
  • Tumble dryers


Automated cooling products

Klimex which is one of the leading panel air conditioner producers of air conditioner industry provides service for ‘Industrial Cooling Sector’ since 1998.”

  • Panel air conditioner.
  • Exterior quality panel air conditioner.
  • Elevator air conditioner


Continuous Washers

Text Replace with this ” Having place in the memories as a world brand, producing the world’s least energy and water consuming machinery”. Together with the intensive efforts that started in 2013, PLUVIA has contributed to a sustainable environment by producing CE certified, SIMPLE, SMART and EFFICIENT machines.”

  • Circum Dye, Washing after Exhaust Dyeing
  • Circum Print, Wash after Print
  • Maxime Drum, Crease free Washing
  • Maxime Relax
  • Pure Bleach, Open width pad steam Bleaching
  • Pura Optical

Ser Mekatronik

Innovative Solutions

Develops and produces textile machinery projects for the finishing of woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics. Quality in production concept, high standards in details and of course the most important issue; reliability.

  • Stenter
  • Single Drum / Double Drum Raising Machine
  • Shearing
  • Open width and Tubular Compactor
  • Brushing Sueding Machine
  • Diamond Emerezing Machine

Rebec s.r.l.

Coating and Laminating

Rebec srl was founded in 2007 and, for more than 14 years, has been supporting small and large companies, all over the world. They continuously update on technological innovations, new materials and market demands, especially in terms of sustainability and waste reduction.They design machines that best suits your needs, with an eye to costs, but never cutting material or quality.

  • Hot Melt Machines
  • Flame Lamination Machines
  • Coating Machines
  • Powder Scatting Lines


Flamaway Group

Texchem UK Limited is now part of the global FLAMAWAY Group which is made up of the following group companies:

CFT 2000 – the group main headquarters and European manufacturing site based in Zele Belgium
CTF 2000 GMBH – our sales and manufacturing organisation for the technical German textile market
Flamaway CHINA – our Chinese organisation servicing the China market and an important sourcing and manufacturing resource
Texchem UK Limited – we manufacture in the UK speciality textile chemicals which are sold both in the UK and to important overseas markets

• Preparation systems – sequestering
• Preparation systems – hydrogen peroxide bleaching
• Preparation systems – cracking / desizing
• Dyeing Auxiliaries
• PFC Free Durable Water Repellents
• C6 based Fluorocarbon Oil and Water Repellents
• Silicone Handle Modifiers
• Handle Modifiers – non silicone
• Flame Retardants